Residing on the Polygon blockchain, Soundglyphs are collectible NFTs designed for use on an immersive mixer, available exclusively on the Liquid Earth platform. These ancient alien technologies consist of a set of sound waves combined with digital art, capable of building complete soundscapes. They introduce interactivity to the NFT realm and reward users for their creativity.

Each collection is meticulously crafted by visionary digital artists and highly skilled electronic music producers. Users can choose elements of these data packs to create and mint their own Soundglyphs. The new NFT corresponds to the user's choices and carries its own data pack, which can be combined with other Soundglyphs to generate new devices and completely unique soundscapes.


Holders can use soundglyphs' audio samples to craft their own audiovisual compositions and subsequently mint them as new NFTs within Liquid Earth's environment. These NFTs can be collected and merged on the platform, giving rise to entirely new devices imbued with the user's personal touch.

Meanwhile, Liquid Earth ensures fair wealth distribution among all participating artists through a branch-scripted smart contract that tracks the components of each Soundglyph and analyses their application in every new creation on the platform.

Furthermore, Soundglyphs serve as a representation of vote "weight" within Liquid Earth's DAO community, enabling users to decide how and where they want to invest the profits allocated to support off-grid eco-friendly projects around the world.


To be announced.